Shanell McCoy is a digital media creative from Minneapolis with a voice for podcasts and music. With the release of independent mixtapes, self-directed music videos, and the Singlehood podcast, Shanell uses her art to start conversations and motivate others in their healing journeys. She is an active advocate for self-care, healthy relationships and informed mental health. 


Shanell started self-producing podcasts in November 2016. Her first podcast, TheNellyShay Life Lessons for Success documented her healing journey after leaving a long-term relationship. Following the success of the podcast, she facilitated self-care workshops at local conferences and panel events. Shanell went on to produce and co-host the Ask a Guy podcast from April 2018 to January 2019. She was also hired to produce Hear Us Out for Minnesota non-profit, Youthprise and Affording Your Life with Attorney General Keith Ellison.


In March 2019, Shanell launched Singlehood to return to her roots of documenting her healing journey through podcasting. The Singlehood podcast explores topics of singleness through conversation with Shanell's friends and mentors.